This project introduces youth (both in and out of school) to the art of storytelling through digital filmmaking while providing critical mentoring and technical support to ensure participant efficacy and success.

The films address a specific social issue that affects the youth in the community e.g. drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, safe sex, idleness, hard work, etc. through filmmaking the youth find a way to work with the reality that surrounds them – it’s a way to reflect upon this reality and share their thoughts and experiences with others. This helps youth reach their full potential and is the good way to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviors

The project also involves preparation and delivery of an innovative training course where participants will be motivated, educated and encouraged through joint work to use film for youth activism, as a tool for drawing attention to, as well as for resolving young people’s problems, and for promoting youth policy.

The movie themes are tailored to specifically focus on issues of that typically affect the youth in Uganda such as unemployment, poverty, drug abuse, risky sexual behaviour and marginalization.

The project also runs a film making training workshop where young people  learn the basics of script writing, operating a video camera, directing and video editing. They gain extensive knowledge regarding the project’s main thematic areas and issues, being directly involved in making engaged short films. They learn how to communicate a message through film, and also how to pass their film making knowledge to others. The project is based on the fact that film is a strong tool for activism and a powerful mean of communication.

Objectives of the Project

  • Provides the youth with an opportunity to take control and express their reality in their own, authentic way through films.
  • Creating spaces of dialogue for issues that are often taboo enabling youth and their communities to engage with these challenging issues and allowing many more perspectives to be heard.


  • Youth-produced videos also provides youth with a variety of skill-building opportunities, including: Writing Editing, Set design, Costume design, Acting, Interviewing, Camera skills, Visual thinking, Critical thinking, Leadership, Storytelling Teaching, Long-term planning etc


  • To give the youth an opportunity to get involved in a positive activity, preventing boredom that can lead to risky behaviour.


  • To provide an employment opportunity for the youth by providing valuable job skills thereby making them better prepared to compete in the entertainment industry. The project aspires to empower the youth and to create pathways to opportunity for their children can provide valuable job skills for youth