Safy Youth Radio Network



Safy Radio is a community radio by the youth and for the youth. The radio presents an opportunity to young presenters to talk about issues affecting youth in their community. Young people as listeners have an opportunity to choose the thematic of each edition and Members of the community and specialists are invited in the studio to debate with the young audience. Messages to raise awareness about important issues are passed in a creative way, using music and jingles to attract the attention of young people. 

Safy also trains also youth correspondents to use radio as a tool to start conversations about pressing issues in their local communities. We train youth to think critically, research, structure an argument, consult community members, and conduct interviews. With assistance from adult mentors at radio stations and community organizations, youth broadcast weekly radio shows for their peers, and interact with their audiences around issues like domestic violence, child rights, HIV/AIDS, education, and the environment. During the training and production process, young people develop confidence, critical thinking skills, and communication skills that are applicable in the classroom, workplace, and their communities.

Objectives of the Project

  • Empowering youth to create and broadcast radio programs about their lives
  • Creating spaces of dialogue for issues that are often taboo
  • Enabling youth and their communities to engage with these challenging issues and allowing many more perspectives to be heard
  • Making those affected and the community at large aware of the work that is already being done and services available
  • Advancing skills for community organisations
  • Enhancing skills of the community radio sector