Safe Alternatives For Youth (SAFY) is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Kirinyabigo Kanaala Zone Mutundwe. SAFY was established in 2004, in response to the continued vulnerability of young people in Uganda to HIV/AIDS, unemployment and to the general lack of appropriate youth health services. SAFY is registered with the National Bureau of NGOs under number S.5014/3865.

We support one of the world's most disadvantaged young people, helping them to realize their full potential in a safe and healthy environment.


Our Mission

We aim to provide young people with innovative and sustainable health, social and economic solutions in a youth friendly environment.


Our Goal

  • To establish and promote youth friendly services through service delivery of integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive health services (information sharing, referring youth to available services, and data collection)
  • To provide young people with options for economic independence and social empowerment through integrated interventions in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial, managerial and empowering skills and capacity building programs necessary to improve youth access to the job market and sustainable income generating activities .
  • To promote positive behavioral change through communication and education designed to reduce high-risk behaviors, strengthen youth resiliency, improve protective factors, develop fundamental life skills, and establish a pattern of behaviors that lead to healthy choices and ultimately success in life
  • To help build a community structure that is responsive to the needs of young people.


Our Values

Empowermentwe strive to empower the young people to live a better life. Our work includes engaging in projects that address the physical and economic wellbeing of the young people that we serve. We believe in a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, and maintaining open, positive communication that encourages and fosters innovation and creativity. We utilize a variety of educational methods with an emphasis on ideas that can be demonstrated and transferred to others.

Community - We believe that our community is at the core of our existence and we strive to act in ways that nurture and encourage its transformational growth, development and ultimately its sustainability focused especially on the needs of the young people. We have established a long term partnership with the communities we operate in by actively engaging the community leaders and parents that comprise the advisory board in the development, execution and evaluation of most of our projects.

Integrity we are worthy of your trust by ensuring that our integrity is beyond reproach. Not only do we pursue honorable initiatives, but we conduct our activities in a way that is always honest, transparent and ethical.

Good Stewardship – we are good and effective stewards of the resourced entrusted to us on behalf of our beneficiaries. We employ sound financial practices and structures in all our dealings that hold us accountable to the donors, the community and our beneficiaries.